Alongside being a Pilates teacher and mum I also did some blogging and reviews for a lifestyle edit I had created, and through this I reviewed a lot of facials (Yes I know, poor me!). I was very excited when Nichola Joss agreed to having me in for a review because I had heard so much about her - I mean the woman is written about on a regular basis and she counts the likes of Meghan Markel as a client! 

I was right to be excited. The facial was absolutely the best I have ever had, and one that I have continued to go back for with Nichola and her colleague, Charlotte. 

It is totally bespoke in terms of the products the ladies use. In fact they have a massive cupboard filled to the brim with different products! 

One of the defining things about a Joss facial is the massage technique created by Nichola. It focuses on releasing the muscles of the face (including inside the mouth) and working them at the same time. It's really a workout for the face with the added bonus of the fancy products, in my view.

I always leave feeling plumped, less tense and younger! 

Both Nichola and Charlotte have magic hands and hearts of gold. They make you feel comfortable, relaxed and when you walk out the door you feel a whole lot better. 

This facial is great for not only the face! I can't recommend it enough.

I am also very honoured to say that the Joss team have had and enjoyed pilates' lessons with me. You can read Nichola's review on the PAYD page. 

Kerrie-Anne x

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