Hello! I’m an ex-professional sloucher who found Pilates because of a whole list of issues like sciatica, a stiff neck, a bad shoulder and a dodgy knee. Yes, 10 years as an economist and being a new mum really took its toll on my body!

Anyways, I fell in love with not being in pain so much so that I decided to quit my job and retrain with Fletcher Pilates® to become a Pilates teacher. I have since gone on to pass the Fletcher Advanced Intensive course and a mentee programme with Fletcher Faculty teacher Sarah Woodhouse. I keep my practice up to date with regular lessons and courses.

My favourite thing about Pilates is that it really gives you the tools you need to create better and freer movement within the body. It’s helped me to get out of ongoing pain and I now help others to get out of pain.  More varied movement each day is so beneficial to the body and that’s why I have created Pilates At Your Desk to get people moving more and well at work.  

Please get in touch, I would love to hear from you