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Pilates is perfect for getting back into movement after an injury, or for managing and improving on-going pain. I can work with your Osteopath, Physiotherapist, and/or other medical practitioners to ensure an integrated approach to your progress.

I am experienced in working with clients with: scoliosis, arthritis, hyper-mobility, muscular dystrophy, hernias, Parkinson’s, diastasis recti, spondylilithisis, slipped discs and many more conditions.

I work with rehab clients on a 121 basis and put together a programme based on your individual needs. I offer 1 hour sessions to clients in SW London.


The sessions with Kerrrie-Anne have alleviated any back issues I was having. She is super lovely and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
— Caroline
When I first started having 1-1 Pilates lessons with Kerrie-Anne last year, I was in severe back pain in the morning due to lower spine issues and felt like a bag of bones!  Over the last year, my posture and breathing have improved substantially and I have been working on my core strength.  As a result my back pain has reduced significantly....and I can only attribute this to Kerrie-Anne’s great teaching and guidance.  A miracle worker!
— Zoe
I was diagnosed with mild osteoarthritis in both hips. After my first session with Kerrie-Anne I was euphoric as I could walk without a limp and a lot of the pain and discomfort I had been experiencing had gone.
Kerrie-Anne is a brilliant teacher. She explains things carefully and I am always at ease with her, as I have been right from the beginning. She is encouraging, enthusiastic and caring. She often contacts me between sessions to see how I am doing and over the summer gave me a programme to work on while I was away.
— Sarah