Pilates is about movement. Better movement. 

Pilates is excellent for general wellbeing. It makes you feel better physically and mentally. There is no one size fits all with me and my classes are planned to suit your individual needs. 

I offer mat and equipment based 121s and duets at your home, or mine, in South West London.

Please get in touch for further information.  


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Kerrie-Anne is the business.
— Sophie
Pilates is life-enhancing - and Kerrie-Anne has a patient yet challenging approach to teaching it - as a result my posture and movement is amazingly improved
Kerrie-Anne is a lively, positive and thoughtful teacher. I love her pilates classes. She pays close attention to your issues on your body, so you get to maximise chances of healing by having her expertise and knowledge. She often shares her own experiences too so you can relate her case to yours.
She always encourages you to challenge. She is picky and particular about what she knows the best - she corrects you a lot and I appreciate it immensely. An hour with her is the most meaningful and positive 60 minutes of your life!
— Yotty