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Pilates is perfect for getting the body moving post-baby, for helping to close diastastis recti, helping to strengthen or/and increase the flexibility of your pelvic floor, correct postural imbalances caused by breastfeeding, carrying your baby and extreme tiredness, and for getting you back into shape.

I am a mum and used Pilates post-preganncy to get out of pain associated with bad posture, and to get back into shape. I now work with many new mums. My approach is hands-on and each session is planned to suit your individual needs.

I  can come to your house so no need for a babysitter!

Kerrie Anne has transformed my life and my body...I was struggling with confidence postnatally as well as all the aches and pains of carrying toddlers and babies etc...I have been training with her for 2 years and I feel better in myself and all of the pains I had have gone! I so look forward to our sessions and would recommend her to anyone who is postnatal or working or really doing anything!
— sophie