There’s no getting away from it, sitting at a desk tapping away on a keyboard for several hours a day can take its toll on our bodies. Swapping stories about back, neck and shoulder pain is commonplace in offices these days. These pains can evidently impact staff attendance levels, morale and productivity.  

Sitting per se is not the issue. The issues are: how we sit and how long we stay sedentary for. 

enter Pilates At Your Desk WORKSHOPS!

We come into your office space to teach you and your staff how to sit/stand correctly. We take you through a set of simple, yet effective exercises that can be discreetly incorporated into your working day. We use our technical expertise to advise on postural issues and help you and your staff to set measurable goals to improve your posture, mobility and strength.  

 Our bespoke workshops are based on your requirements and the composition of your workforce.  With existing clients we are offering workshops for wellbeing initiatives, repeat workshops for company induction programmes, full day programmes, and a series of progressive workshops. 

The workshops can take place in your office space, a meeting room, or even a communal area. We simply need chairs.

Who are we? 

PAYD has been developed by me, Kerrie-Anne Bradley, an experienced Pilates teacher specialising in rehabilitation and posture. I have first-hand experience of the effects of working at a desk as I spent ten years as an economist before retraining and I had a very long list of posture-related issues. 

I work with a team of highly experienced Pilates teachers who, like me, had desk-based roles before becoming movement specialists. 


We also offer postural assessment clinics, weekly classes and in-house 121s for staff.

Both group and 121 classes involve a combination of mat, chair and standing Pilates and last for 40 minutes.


  “The whole team really enjoyed the PAYD today - not just the exercises,
but the way you delivered the session made it really fun and we all felt
comfortable and at ease straight away.”

-Lorraine Barnes,
Director, Santander



We have taught workshops and classes at a number of companies, including:


“I am amazed at how much better I feel after just a 45 minute
session with Kerrie-Anne. She is an
incredible teacher with so much enthusiasm. She made everyone smile with her little stories and anecdotes, which helped us
beginners follow her instructions. She also gave us lots of tips and tricks to try at our desks once she left. 10/10 couldn’t
recommend enough.”

- Fran Jordan,
Managing Editor,
Entertainment News  

“Kerrie-Anne came in to teach our team her desk Pilates method and we couldn’t have been more happy with the session.
Her technique is so easy to follow, yet
really effective, and we loved the informative sheet of ‘moves’ the team now keep next to their desks. We would highly recommend her to anyone who has to sit for long periods at work – it really does make such a

- Emma, Sheer Luxe